Daniel Peterson – Strawberry Blonde EP

“I wish more than anything in the entire world, that I could pick up a guitar and just know how to play it. I own a guitar, but I can’t play much more than the first 2 bars of ‘Simple Man’. So when someone comes along, with more talent than you could shake a Les Paul at, it makes me about ready to pull a London Calling on my guitar and break the entire thing to smithereens.

Cue Sydney native Daniel Peterson. Not only did the debonair musician play the impressive guitar licks for his Strawberry Blonde EP, but he also has a go as drummer, pianist, and pretty much everything else that you can hear on the solid, self-released rock/pop EP. The four song Strawberry Blonde is a mix of summery pop and indie alt rock which all form an extremely easy to listen to piece of work – despite Peterson citing Metallica, Megadeth and Jeff Buckley as his musical inspiration.

With tracks like the hopeful ‘Rose’ and the pensive ‘Good Love’, the EP succeeds in sounding fresh and intriguing, without ever straying into tacky or forced. ‘Good Love’ grabs with distorted guitar and a more alt rock sound, which is topped off by a perfectly timed acapella outro that brings a more grounded feel to the EP. Title track ‘Strawberry Blonde’ has all the elements of a massive pop hit, from the sing-along lyrics, to the tinkling piano.

Strawberry Blonde is finished off with ‘Last Dance’, a stunningly raw acoustic track that gives Peterson a chance to show off his soulful vocals and acts as the perfect lasting memory of the EP. Thankfully, the Strawberry Blonde EP is a taster of things to come with an imminent album from Daniel Peterson, which I am definitely looking forward to checking out.” – Nat Morris, Editor – Altsounds

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